At SkyVision we are striving for the best possible quality for our clients.

Every night that you enjoy spending under the stars using our telescopes, shows how committed we are to the development and production process of our highest quality, innovative telescope structures.

To ensure a perfect control over the whole production chain and be able to guarantee delivery time as short as possible, we have started producing our own optics, with the same quality commitment as to the rest of our products.

Our optics workshop is now adjacent to the mechanics production floor and is equipped with the best instruments. Our team is capable of delivering optics for professionals and amateur astronomers alike.

Our technicians, trained in professional optics, propose a perfectly finished product, answering to the highest standards, with guaranteed and constant quality and defined and respected delays of production.

We cross test every optic with different quality control tools to avoid any possible instrumental or operational errors.

The SkyVision’s workshop is equipped with professional quality polishing machines, offering 5 polishing posts with the capacity that goes up to 600mm.

In the near future we are planning to introduce a new machine with the 800mm capacity.


Our equipment allows us to propose our clients optics with the best value for money possible :


  • Foucault
  • Video Foucault
  • Phase plate
  • Binocular microscope
  • Microscope for measurement of surface roughness
  • “Box fringes”
  • Shack Hartman

Our workshop is equipped with a test bench of 6 meters long mounted on anti-vibration isolators.

Microscope for measuring roughness.

SkyVision’s optics present very small level of roughness.


Whatever the aperture, you are assured of a high optical quality, both in terms of micro-ripples that the overall shape.

Our opticians guarantee their work. No need to retouch the mirror later. It will immediately give its full potential under a dark sky and within a good mechanical structure.

Our optics together with our telescopes make a perfect marriage. Our clients will enjoy crisp and contrasted images. The field test will prove it to you, we guarantee.

An example of independante  interfero test from Airylab company


SkyVision commitments:

  • Our optics are warranted for a wavefront RMS WFE better than 30 nm (or 15 nm RMS mechanical surface).
    This value corresponds to a Strehl ratio of at least 0.90
  • In addition, this is an absolute error value, and not relative to a wavelength, which can be independent of the wavelength of the measurement instrumentation.
  • Each mirror is supplied with a control report stating our commitments.