COMPACT ALT-AZ TELESCOPE: The new aluminum honeycomb structure is machined from billet. The fork is made of aluminum and composite sandwich, which allows us to divide the weight by two compared to a mechanically welded steel design. The primary cage of this model is made of lightweight aluminium, manufactured with CNC machine and assembled in our workshop with stainless steel screws. To ensure a very long service life and maximum protection against moisture, all our structures are anodized by special treatment. This new structure is more compact than our historical Classic model. The choice of the materials is made to give the maximum of stiffness to the telescope, to keep collimation during all the night. We have developped the Compact model with the same criteria that make the success of all our other models. The rocker in aluminium and honeycomb material, is painted with special process to give maximum weather and shock protection. All the parts of the telescope can be easily disassembled with no tools, for transport or storage. With no compromise you can have a large diameter telescope that fully collapses into a very small package.

Secondary cage: The dual rings in aluminum and carbon, provides very good rigidity. It is equipped as standard with Starlight FeatherTouch 2″ focuser and allow the use of heavy device (i.e big binoculars , heavy eyepieces CCD,…)

The large side bearings: They are mounted on ball bearings to ensure smooth and precise movements, even manually. They are removable without the use of any tool.

The truss pole: In one piece with quick release fasteners, this model patented by SkyVision greatly facilitates the mounting and storage of your instrument. The use of carbon is also a major asset for the preservation of collimation during an observation session.

The mirror cell: This part of the telescope is truly fundamental. Our cells are machined with the greatest care and precision. They are tailor made and adjusted for each mirror. All the process is computer calculated and controlled. Your optics will give you the best. On the rear side, Three large thumbscrews allow you to achieve a fast and crisp collimation.






The connection of instruments


The back of the telescope

Secondary cage in aluminium and carbon


P.O (1/10) Feathertouch Starlight


The connection of instruments

The mirror cell

Encoders for SkyCommander


The control panel



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Model ref. T300 – Compact T400 – Compact T500 – Compact T500 – Compact T600 – Compact T750 – Compact
Diameter (mm/”) 300mm / 12″ 400mm / 16″ 500mm / 20″ 500mm / 20″ 600mm / 24″ 750 / 30″
Focal length (mm/”) 1200mm / 47″ 1600mm / 63″ 1650mm / 65″ 2000mm / 79″ 1980mm / 78″
F/D ratio F/D 4 F/D 4 F/D 3.3 F/D 4 F/D 3.3 F/D 3.3
Weight & Dimensions: optics weight:6.7kg / 14.7lb optics weight:12.5kg / 27.5lb optics weight:17.7kg / 39lb optics weight:17,7kg / 39lb optics weight :80lb optics weight:60kg / 132lb
Total (*) 29.5kg / 65lb 35.5kg / 78lb 41.5kg / 91lb 42.5kg / 93lb 134lb 120kg / 264lb
Rocker (L x l x h) 9kg- 50x50x12cm / 20lb- 20’’x20’’x5’’ 11kg- 60x60x15cm / 24lb- 24’’x24’’x6″ 12kg- 70x70x32cm / 26lb- 27’’x27’’x 12’’ 12kg- 70x70x32cm / 26lb- 27’’x27’’x 12’’ 35lb- 33”x33”x15” coming soon
Primary cage (L x l x h) 15kg-41x41x20.5cm / 33lb- 16’’x16’’x8’’ 17kg- 51x51x20,5cm / 37lb- 20’’x20’’x8’’ 21kg- 62x62x30,5cm / 46lb- 24’’x24’’x12’’ 21kg- 62x62x30.5cm / 46lb-24’’x24’’x12’’ 72lb- 32”x34”x12” coming soon
Secondary cage 1,85kg- 400mm Diam. / 4lb-16’’ diam. 3.25kg- 500mm Diam. / 7lb-20’’ diam. 4.7kg- 600 mm Diam. / 10.3lb-24’’ diam. 4,7kg x 600mm Diam. / 10.3lb-24’’ diam. 15lb- Ø27” coming soon
Focuser height at zenith 130 cm / 51.2″ 170 cm / 67″ 170 cm / 67″ 175 cm / 69″ 203 cm / 79” coming soon
Total height 140 cm / 55″ 180 cm / 71″ 190 cm / 74.8″ 190 cm / 74,8″ 86.5” coming soon
Truss pole 2.5kg- 95 cm / 5,5lb x 37,4’’ 3.1kg- 110 cm / 6.8lb x 46,5’’ 4.22kg- 150 cm / 9.3lb x 71 ’ 4.22kg- 165 cm / 9,3 lb x 71’’ 11lb x 51” coming soon
(*) w/o optics
Primary mirror 97% Enhanced aluminium coating
Secondary mirror High reflectivity coating
Focuser Starlight Feather Touch 2″
Truss pole SkyVision carbon monobloc ©
Primary mirror cell High precision aluminum cell
9 points | 18 points 18 points 18 points SV 18 points SV

The Compact model is available in 300(12″) to 750(30″) mm at FD/4 or FD/3.3 Contact us for details.






T600 compact with wheelbarrow of transport

T600 compact F3.3

T500 compact F3.3

T600 compact F3.3 

T500-Compact dans le coffre d’une voiture

Modèle Compact 400mm prêt pour le transport ou le rangement


Avec brouette 2 roues pour le transport