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Historical model of the brand, this telescope will seduce you with its rugged design and its potential for additional facilities that make it much more than just a “Dobson.”
With this Newton truss you will be able to practice astrophotography with a large diameter. Structure in noble materials, wood, carbon and aluminum for technical and aesthetic choices.
Whether you’re a confirmed astronomer, a deep sky observer, a planets hunter, and do not hesitate to move in search of better skies, we have a solution to your expectations. Skyvision offers large diameter telescopes, easily transportable, rapidly implemented, evolutionary, with a perfect mechanical and optical quality.

Tested for several years under all the skies of France, this model is entirely designed to give you complete satisfaction on the mechanical and optical parts.

A tailor-made service for the customer :
Each model is calibrated and adjusted to suit user needs to bring more efficiency and accuracy in operation.
The materials are processed and finished by hand to provide our special “French touch”.

Previous picture : : Model T300 classic with optional motorization and goto drive system « Skycommander »
This « collector » scope is autographed by J. Dobson himself, impressed by the quality of our scope during a german astro show.

The choices that make the difference

The spider vanes :

The Skyvision spider vanes are in polished crude stainless steel. No black paint because its power of absorption of heat, which creates air movements around the secondary mirror, affects and distorts the image quality. (For these same reasons, the secondary support is made of carbon). The secondary mirror is stuck with a perfectly controlled process, which allows us to guarantee the strength but also the perfect optical neutrality. Images provided with the SkyVision’s spider vanes have never been so sharp, just “apo like”.

The secondary cage :

The secondary cage is made of polished stainless steel, and is in itself a piece of mechanical foreground. The junction of two rings by reinforcements in composite carbon / aluminum guarantees a perfect fit for the collimation despite changes in temperature and humidity that you can meet during an observing session. The dielectric effects that may occur between the aluminum inserts and carbon tubes are completely controlled through the use of insulating adhesive coming from the aviation industry.

Our 2011 models are provided with the Starlight Instruments « Feather Touch » focuser

The truss pole :

On one block, this patented design by SkyVision greatly facilitates the mounting and storage of your scope. The use of carbon is also a major asset for the collimation during your observing session that can last an entire night without having to adjust your optical settings. The use of aluminum and carbon tubes guarantees years of practice without worry. The attachment system perfectly fulfilled its role of liaison between primary and secondary mirror. Thus, whatever the position of the telescope, near the horizon or near the zenith, the collimation remains perfect.

Large diameter wood side bearings :

The large diameter side bearings allow smooth and precise hand movements as well as automated movements with available optional motorization systems.
A carbon plate is added for an improved rigidity.

Lower assembly :

The cage is assembled with a process that gives a very high rigidity. The lower part consists of SkyVision rocker and is made of high quality birch plywood. The finish is provided by a marine polish highlighting the wood grain, in order not to sacrifice the aesthetics of our instruments.

Mirror cell :

This part of the scope is truly fundamental for large diameter telescopes. This is why we take great care in making this part of our scope. What’s more frustrating than seeing the performance of its mirror degraded by a cell that is not suitable? Our mirror cells are numbered and tailor-made for a given optical component. Everything is calculated by computer, and therefore your optic delivers the best of its potential.

Ready for Photography in High Resolution :

The SkyVision “Classic Model” opens the doors of astronomical photography of Sun, Moon and planets. With the optional equatorial platform, you can also shoot all the DSO you want with frames of several minutes.

SkyVision and the Environment : We are committed to the preservation of environmental quality. That is why the wood of high quality we use are not contributing to deforestation because they are not from primary forest, but from perfectly managed and controlled plantations.

SkyVision Classic Models Specifications

We offer you many years of practice of amateur astronomy. Without this experience under the stars, we could have not conducted our research in touch with professionals in optics, mechanics, high tech materials, or mechanics of fluids. Research conducted by our engineers enables us to offer you high end Telescopes, without compromises.
Each “classic model” comes in standard with 2 fans perfectly sized and positioned to ensure a fast cooling temperature within 90 minutes (T12”). Based on the “Coanda Effect” one of the fan blows a laminar airflow on the mirror. As a result, you can start observing while the mirror begins to cool in temperature. In addition, when observing under wet conditions, this prevent from dewing and icing.

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Model Ref.

T 300

T 400

T 500


300mm / 12″

400mm / 16″

500mm /20″





F/D ratio

F/D : 4

F/D : 4

F/D : 4

Primary mirror coatings

Enhanced aluminum coating – high reflectivity

Secondary mirror coating

High reflectivity

Upper assembly

Ultra-rigid structure fully “carbon-aluminum”


9-point aluminum, high precision, with 2 cooling fans

18 points

Truss pole

Carbon truss pole «monobloc » SkyVision ©

Weight (*) & dimensions
Rocker (Lxlxh)

10 kg x 49x55x32 cm / 20 lb x 19’’x22’’x12’’

12 kg x 90x59x32 cm / 24 lb x 35’’x23’’x12’’

19 kg x 65x65x11 cm / 38 lb x 25’’x25’’x4’’

Lower assembly (Lxlxh)

19 kg x 43x43x35 cm< / 38 lb x 17’’x17’’x14’’/p>

30 kg x 53x53x35 cm / 60 lb x 21’’x21’’x14’’

22 kg x 62x62x11 cm / 44 lb x 24’’x24’’x4’’< /td>
Upper assembly (pxDxh)

3,5 kg x 40 x 22 cm / 7 lb x 16’’x9’’

4,95 kg x 50 x 22 cm / 10 lb x 20’’x9’’

Eyepice height at zenith

127 cm / 50″

165 cm / 65″

180 cm / 71″

Total height

160 cm / 63″

170 cm / 67″

190 cm / 75″

(*) excluding optics

Starlight Feather Touch


Red dot

Diameter greater than 20″

With the same quality and reliability as our standard production, we realize our Classic Model with diameter greater than 20″.
Choose the size, we’ll do the rest.
Contact us.

Optional accessories

– Skycommander (goto drive system)
– Double axis Goto motorization.
– EQ Platform.
– Fully Collapsible side bearings.
– Counterweight shaft.
– Wheelbarrow handles.
– Side bearings blocking system (for photography).
– Blocking system (for transport).