The astrograph MT SkyVision high performance structure is the latest instruments designed and developed within SkyVision workshops.

MT structure (Mobile Telescope) combines the best aircraft aluminum to carbon and stainless steel. It is light and efficient. It incorporates optics 250 to 400 mm in diameter for the opening ratios of between 3.6 and 3.3

Finishing MT telescopes is exemplary. The aluminum parts are processed by hard anodizing and completeness of hardware is stainless steel. This gives a very high level of finish and unfailing strength.


The astrograph MT are equipped as standard with a dovetail to Losmandy compatible format and can receive any type of eyepiece. A network of holes, on top of the structures, allows the mounting of accessories in parallel, such as a second instrument, or a guide window.

Particular attention was paid to the choice of carbon tubes. Rather than using tubes made from wound carbon cloth, SkyVision uses only pultruded tubes and hot-polymerized under pressure. This allows to obtain a composite wherein the proportion of binder is very small compared to the amount of carbon. The attachment system to the tubes ensures a stability of the whole structure and hence the optical alignment.


These tubes or fibers are in the direction of the length, crossed with a very small angle possible to get all the intrinsic qualities of carbon, in the length of the bar, ie in the sense of effort goes . Thus maximum stiffness, and the coefficient of almost zero thermal expansion.


The standard equipped secondary cage door eye Feather Touch “Starlight Instruments” is designed to carry heavy loads of “train CCD ” result.

We put all our experience and expertise to the realization of this instrument and as to each of our great care achievements was made to the structure supporting the optics. Collimation adjustment knobs characteristics of our brand are listed on our astrograph.

Caractéristiques principales :
Formule optique : Newton

Modéle MT 250 MT 300 MT 350 MT 400
Diam 250mm – 10’’ 300mm – 12’’ 350mm – 14’’ 400mm – 16’’
Ratio F/D 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6
Size H=824mm – 32’’
L=373mm – 15’’
H=875mm – 34”
L=463mm – 18 “
H=1100mm – 43”
L = 515mm – 20”
Weight (without optic and focuser) 12.85 kg – 28lb 14.8kg – 32.5lb 29kg – 63.8lb /
Back focus ≈ 20mm
Focuser – Moonlite 3″
– FLI 3″
– Feather touch 3″
Correctors Wynne 3″ – Paracorr Type 2


Main features:Newton optic


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Copyright 2015 : Obs du Sandro – A Cucculelli

With 300mm F/3.3 optical system

Copyright 2015 : Obs du Sandro – A Cucculelli

The MTN with massive SkyWatcher EQ8 mount Astrographe-Newton–300-MT-SV–F3.3

Copyright 2015 : Obs du Sandro – A Cucculelli

Collimation by laser

9hours :

– SV MT250 Zerodur + Wynne ASA 3″ with F/D 3.4
– FLI 6303e and Astrodon 6nm
– Focuser FLI Atlas
– Mount AP900
– Seeing betwin 1.5 and3″ selon le NSM
Copyright: Airylab – F Jabet

Copyright : AiryLab – F Jabet

– FLI 6303e and 6nm Astrodon filter – Corrector ASA 3″ and FLI Atlas – Skyvision MT250 Zerodur – AP900 GTO
– Acquisition auto Prism
– Post-traitment and traitment PI, PS CS6
Copyright: Airylab – F Jabet